Our Story

In 1982, Formuzis and Pickersgill, Inc. was founded due to the growing demand for economic consulting and testimony related to litigation in Southern California. Since that time, the firm has become recognized as a reputable and reliable source for providing forensic economic consulting and expert witness testimony. The firm name has changed over the years, in 1995 to Formuzis, Pickersgill & Hunt, Inc., when Tamorah Hunt became a partner, and in 2017, to Formuzis, Hunt & Lanning, Inc. when Timothy Lanning became a partner and following Joyce Pickersgill’s retirement. Throughout this period, the firm has continued its unwavering commitment to integrity and providing quality economic loss analyses and testimony for litigation.

Our People

Throughout the years, FHL has chosen to operate as a small but dedicated and cohesive team, with little staff turnover, which we attribute to our quality work environment. The extensive experience of our forensic economists provides the ability to build long-term relationships with our clients. We are proud that, with the exception of retirement, our economists rarely choose to leave FHL. This consistent quality and overall team cohesiveness help us better serve each client.

Company Values


Our commitment to honesty and integrity are central to everything we do at FHL.


Our clients trust that our economic loss calculations and testimony are credible and will stand up to cross-examination.


A collaborative approach governs our internal team dynamics as well as our interactions with clients. Litigation can be stressful for all parties, and our goal is to ease the process for calculating economic damages throughout.

FHL By The Numbers


Years in Business

FHL has provided services and economic analyses for litigation spanning four decades.



Expert witness testimonies provided in depositions, arbitrations and trials.



A central commitment to honesty and integrity.

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